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DT Philly Middle School 2016-17 Leaderboard

The Free Thinkers
William C. Longstreth School
We here at Longstreth School are always thinking about the world.  Longstreth is in Southwest Philly and outside the school walls, it may not shine bright as some of the great schools in the district, but inside the school walls, we have teachers and students who truly care. This year's team is a mixture of some returning members and some new members who have a great way of looking at problems. Some skills we have are we work well together. Some of us have known each other for many years. We also are persistent. In the classroom, we make sure we know our assignments and get them done. The same will be true for Design Thinking. We will get things done!! Our slogan is "Thinking is free. Do it more!" 
Disston Dreamers 2016-17
Hamilton Disston School
Here are some slogans that would represent our TEAM:  Come on and shout, "One team! One dream!" – We can ALL: "Build, Create, Imagine, and Achieve!"  – Hey guys, "If WE think it, WE design it!"  Characteristics that make up our awesome team:  We are quick thinkers, smart, confident, and we want to get the Work Done by helping each other and working as a team!  What's Unique about Hamilton-Disston is that we have a school store where we can use Disston Dollars to purchase cool gifts and treats, our teachers are unique and amazing, and the Eagles organization donated and helped build our school's playground!  Our Team's Spirit Animals are: Alexandra & Bradley – monkey, Jarelys- dolphin, Rebecca – tiger, Ahmed - lion, and Julissa - cat  The greatest invention in our lifetime is the laptop, hover board and all Apple products, especially the iphone!  
Shawmont School
Our group consists of Caitlin, Julie, Cameron, Cedric, and Maxine. Our slogan is "We soar high with expectation, and continue exceed with them.". Our school has many unique programs, such as our SAM and Reading Olympics programs. Our group is intellegent and we believe we can make a posittive difference towards our school!
Lilac Lions
Shawmont School
Our team, "Lilac Lions", consists of four students from Shawmont Elementary. We are Sarah, Abigal, Jimmy, and Rachel. This group of four are hard working and kind. Ready to try and contribute our ideas in order to finish our compete 360 plan! Hear us roar! Rawr.
The Golden Tigers
Tilden Middle School
Our team catch phrase is "only be gold." Some of the characteristics or skills that make us awesome are that we are great at academics, focused on demonstrating positive behavior, and we use different types of technology well.  Our school is unique because we have  instrument  and band classes, a school/community garden, and we are now a community school specializing in blended learning.  Our team members spirit animals include  a dog, a cat, an owl, a bird, and a cheetah. Our team members agree that some of the greatest inventions of all times include a radio on a bike, a Hoverboard, electric scooters, bikes, and hydraulic wheels.    
Mighty Mitchell
S. Weir Mitchell
We are a team of seven 7th graders.  Special skills we have on our team are being good at art, design, creativity, working with our hands, organization, decorating, working hard, working with people, and drawing.  Our individual skills help us make a great team.
Feltonville Team 2
Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences